Late Night Diaries

I just woke up from the craziest dream. In my dream, I flew to Washington D.C. and somehow transported my Chevy Impala with me. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. Anyway, I was driving around with my son and daughter. My daughter was sitting in the backseat while my son sat in the front passenger side seat – weird. If it was in real life, I’d probably get a ticket since my son is still too small to ride in the front.

Moving on, I suddenly pulled over because I wanted to take photos of my son posing in front of the White House – weird. It was night time and you could barely see the White House due to all the trees blocking the building. The scary thing about it was that it reminded me of that one cursed tree in the first Poltergeist movie. I continued to take pictures of my son then all of a sudden, we were back in the car driving around. Next thing you know, I’m busting donuts in front of the White House (I must’ve had balls in my dream too lol) then my car broke down and I couldn’t get my car to start. The last thing I remember was me trying to figure out how I was going to get my Chevy back to California.

First of all, what was I thinking? Why was I having a sideshow in front of the White House? I’m trying to think about what I watched on YouTube last night which might’ve caused this dream to happen, but my search bar shows that I was watching videos about how to manage my storefront on Amazon. Which is NOT anything close to Washington D.C. nor illegal sideshows.

Well folks, that was all I wanted to share with you. Dream interpretation is definitely not in my list of things to do at 2:00 in the morning. So I’m just going to add this onto my list of dreams that make no sense.

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