I Miss Nothing About You

You said I couldn’t wear tight jeans because it showed off my ass
You said I couldn’t wear short skirts and reveal skin because it lacked class
You said that all my friends were hoes, well, there goes another night out with my ladies
So I stayed home and watched YouTube all night, meanwhile, “Have you seen Crystal lately?”
Little did I know that you were just controlling, but I was too naïve to see
At the time I was scared to be alone, so I put you first instead of me
All I wanted was for you to be happy, while my smile was disappearing
They said that love was blind, but I also lost my hearing
They told me to leave you, but my ears wouldn’t listen
My heart even told me to leave you too, but my brain was in the kitchen
When you put your hands on me, I didn’t know what to do, so I
stayed silent and kept myself at the bottom of the queue
Now here I am five years later and I miss nothing about you
I wish I could take back what I lost, but I’ll just take the L
Lost a lot of people in the process too, oh well
Glad I left and if ever you find yourself alone, remind yourself
that you had it
I would never put myself in that position to lose myself again
Even if it was my last decision to make on this planet
I miss nothing about you.



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