Behind Bars

I watch a lot of documentaries, mainly on YouTube. I came across this documentary about South Cotabato Jail in the Philippines. South Cotabato Jail happens to be one of the World’s Toughest prisons in the world. The space alone is only built to fit six hundred inmates yet it houses over one thousand men awaiting a verdict. Many inmates wait months to even decades. Sadly, most of them will never be released.

As I was watching the documentary, they featured one inmate who was accused of raping his 12 year old niece. His whole family cut him off and he hasn’t had a visitor in over 15 years. The prison allows visitors once a week and while the other inmates meet with their families, he sells these wooden little houses that he carved himself (not exactly sure what they are) to make a little money. Aside from that, the other inmates also stay away from him. So he’s pretty much alone and will likely be spending the rest of his time at the prison all alone.

Can you imagine spending your life in a compacted prison filled with a thousand inmates with no one to talk to? Honestly, I think the feeling of being alone is by far a greater punishment than solitary confinement. Which is why his story stood out more than the rest. It makes me wonder what runs through his mind every single day.

This also reminds me to be on my best behavior and to never do anything illegal, especially in a different country like the Philippines lol. The living conditions are horrible. I’ve never been to the Philippines but everyone tells me how hot it is. I couldn’t do it.

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