Bigger than Radio: CrysSOfficial’s Top 10 Tracks for June 2020

I spent my Friday night reviewing music from all digital platforms by some of the dopest upcoming artists from all around the US. To be honest, I love listening to the radio, but I always felt that we were exposed to a small dose of what’s really out there – it’s bigger than radio. And to be real REAL honest, I always felt that some of the best music created out there sounds just as good when everyone shows each other love, connects, and collaborates. “We Are The World” (released in 1985) written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian is a prime example.

Starting this month and going forward, I will be posting my Top 10 tracks to acknowledge some of the undiscovered talent out there. Whether they’ve been in the game for years or just started going to the studio last week. Whether if the track was released yesterday or 5 years ago. And if you find an artist on my list that you want to work with, try to make it happen! It’s all love at the end of the day. All artists/musicians should be recognized and I’m about to start the movement right now.


1. BACKSEAT – Primo Stacks, produced by Mike Rob Sears.

2. MY WORLD – Doomz Day


4. MY WAY – Stupid Bars

5. MORTICIAN FLOW – Fonz Figgaz

6. GLIMPSE – Lumikools

7. MY CIRCLE – Rod Roc, Joe Dukes, Johnny 5

8. SKYZONE – Kae-z

9. ALRIGHT – Miss Vicky

10. LIKE ME – RDG, Vedo, Zach Scotton

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