Earn Cash Back While You Shop Anywhere!

Don’t throw your receipts away! If you’re going to shop or dine out, you might as well get some of your money back. And I’m all about saving money! I found an app that will pay you CASH just for shopping. IBOTTA is an app that I use to make real money every time I shop for groceries, online purchases, and more! For example, when … Continue reading Earn Cash Back While You Shop Anywhere!

“I don’t even kill flies”

Just because my eyes are slanted and skin is a little darker doesn’t give you a reason to label me a disease She grabbed her daughter, talking about “Get away from her she looks like she has Covid-19” I wasn’t about to let that lady slide so I put down my phone and opened my big mouth Told myself over and over, “Crystal breathe, please … Continue reading “I don’t even kill flies”