“I don’t even kill flies”

Just because my eyes are slanted and skin is a little darker doesn’t give you a reason to label me a disease

She grabbed her daughter, talking about “Get away from her she looks like she has Covid-19”

I wasn’t about to let that lady slide so I put down my phone and opened my big mouth

Told myself over and over, “Crystal breathe, please don’t shout”

And as soon as she noticed my phone out

Ol’ lady wanted to play the victim role as I predicted

Here we go with the “I didn’t say that” card, it was all too scripted

When I was just minding my business

Blind sided by another Karen infected by the illness

An illness more infectious than the Rona, SARS, Ebola two point O

A virus that destroys it’s target individuals including its host

A disease manifested in families, colleagues, and communities

So we protest in big groups to be heard – herd immunity

Got Elijah McClain in his last breathes apologizing for being different

George Stinney Jr. executed at 14 years old then later proven innocent

George Floyd screaming for his mother, while he was held down by a knee

Can somebody tell me WHY Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still out there living free?

And where is Vanessa Guillen, whatever happened to “No soldier left behind”

Would it have taken 2 days instead of 2 months if the color of her skin was white?

This isn’t a wake up call, they were just pressing the snooze button a million times

Would the outcome be different if I wasn’t standing in that aisle?

Cause in the end, the only person infected was the racism which had manifested

in that hate filled mother who just taught her child that it was okay to spread it

And what’s sad about it, is that she meant it when she said it

Racists thinking it’s a joke placing nooses in Oakland, Cali’s Lake Merritt

Racism and oppression has always been a pandemic, ain’t no curves getting flatter

But at the end of the day, all lives don’t matter, until Black Lives Matter.


Oscar Grant
Emmitt Til
George Floyd
Philando Castle
Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner

Coast to Coast

A few years ago, my girl recommended that I get a psychic reading through her Auntie. I used to be hesitant when it comes to readings. Supposedly bad “juju” happens when you tap into the future through mediums, psychics, or anything paranormal. But hey, why not? I was having a really bad year and felt that my life couldn’t get any worse.

During my reading, Auntie stated that I was going to be on an airplane flying somewhere. I looked at her and laughed because I hated to fly. I would rather drive 12 hours to Las Vegas than fly for 2 hours. I had the worst fear of flying, I would literally start sweating at the thought. Anyway, in my reading, she also mentioned that my next boyfriend would have a receding hairline, really wavy hair, and a crazy ex girlfriend. Great. 😏

Now here I am, 4-5 years later planning my next trip to Chicago with my kids. My cousin is turning 18 next month so I might fly to Hawaii before I go to Chicago 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve flown to New York City at least 5 times in 2019 and just returned from New York last weekend. I also took a trip to New Orleans, LA with my daughter last year and two years prior to that, we flew to Washington DC. To add the icing on the cupcake, my boyfriend has super wavy hair and a receding hairline. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Auntie just failed to mention that I would meet my boyfriend in the middle of Times Square filled with crazy tourists. Not only that, he lives on the side of the United States! Anyway, enough of him and my trips to the opposite coast. But guess who’s laughing now? Definitely not me.

Moving forward, I wanted to share a photo and a video clip from my recent trip to New York. I attended one of many Fashion Shows going on during New York Fashion Week that Saturday and it was amazing. My favorite part was the “Doggy Couture”. The Fashion Show was powered by The Society and it was held at the Broadstreet Ballroom near Wall Street. I plan on going again next year!

I hate that I love you

Disclaimer: This post is just my opinion and how I deal with my emotions.

Have you ever told someone that you hated them? But deep down inside, you would do anything for them?

If you’re one of those women who has been hurt in the past, then you would understand why someone like me would go through extreme measures to protect our heart. Sadly, most of us make the drastic decision to break our own heart before the person we love does. The enemy isn’t our significant other, it’s fear.

We just fear to get hurt again.

Personally, when I begin to feel like I’m fighting in a relationship alone, my defense mechanisms kick in and the only solution is to leave. I leave to protect my heart from further damage. The last thing I want in life is to see myself in a dark place again. I don’t ever want to see myself there again. I would rather hurt myself before allowing someone to hurt me.

My number one rule when it comes to love: Never BEG someone to love you.

If you feel like he’s not giving you enough attention, tell him once. If you feel like he’s not giving you the love you deserve, tell him once. Give him a chance to fix it. No man is perfect and he deserves a chance. Communication in a relationship is very important and he deserves to know what’s bothering you. If he cares, he will be willing to compromise. Key word: Compromise. Communication is only effective when compromise follows.

Love is compromise.

If he won’t compromise, you’re going to continue to fight the battle alone, which is self damaging.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s okay to give up on your relationship if he doesn’t put in his 100%. I’m just saying that it’s okay to protect your heart. It takes two people to make it work.

Think about the first time you met this person. It took the both of you to make something happen, right?