San Francisco Mission District: Street Art, Food, and Historical Landmarks

This photo was taken from one of the alleyways off 24th Street. Throughout the Mission, you will find murals and graffiti art painted on walls and fences.  

I grew up down the street near Dolores Park. My family rented an an apartment off 16th and Dolores. In the early 1970’s to early 80’s, my family paid roughly around $300 a month for rent. But since the tech boom in the 90’s and recent years, young professionals moved into the neighborhood initiating gentrification, raising rent and housing prices. I was browsing on YouTube and found this video describing gentrification in the Mission District. The neighborhood has changed a lot since I moved out of San Francisco. Check it out!



  1. Mission San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores Church), the oldest standing building in San Francisco, located on 16th and Dolores
  2. Dolores Park (located near the Mission Dolores Church) I will cover more about Dolores Park another day
  3. Precita Eyes Muralists
  4. Alley Cat Books, 24th Street and Treat
  5. Dianda’s Italian Pastry (My personal recommendation), 2883 Mission Street
  6. Clarion Alley and Balmy Alley for the street art enthusiasts
  7. “I hate food.” said no one ever! Dozens of taquerias are located throughout the neighborhood. If you’re craving tacos, the Mission District is the epicenter of authentic Mexican Food. It is also know to have a high concentration of Guatemalan, Salvadorean, and Nicaraguan restaurants. If you want to try a really good burrito, I highly recommend Papalote SF off 24th and Mission – don’t leave the restaurant without taking home a jar of their Roasted Tomato Salsa!


  • Public Transportation is highly recommended to avoid spending countless minutes looking for a parking spot. If you plan to travel by BART, you can either get off at the 16th Street Bart Station or 24th Street Bart Station. By bus, you can take the 14 MISSION.




Well, here I am typing up my first blog post after being on a blogging hiatus lol. You can blame my super hectic schedule. But since I’m on a quick lunch break, I’ll try to squeeze in as much as I can about my background and why I decided to start this new journey.

My name is Crystal but people call me “Crys” for short. I’m a Filipina-american San Francisco Bay Area native. Yup! Born and raised in California. I decided to create this blog to talk more about the images I post on social media and share some history behind each photograph. To be honest, I’m not a professional photographer with a super expensive camera. I’m just a regular gal who just loves to take pictures of everything I find beautiful. Furthermore, I will also be sharing some travel tips for solo travelers, families traveling with kids, especially single parents traveling with kids, and people traveling on a tight budget, like myself. I’m a single mom and always believed that the world was bigger than just the Bay Area.

Everyone can travel – even if it’s just domestically or local and that’s why I’m here. But first, I would like to cover some local spots in the Bay Area for the local traveler. In the future, I’ll also be sharing some upcoming events that may interest you and recommend great local food vendors.

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