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Jennifer Flores

I remember the first time meeting Jenn. It was through my younger brother Chris. I remember her smile and that laugh. She was that friend that would go to the mall and buy two cute tops for you and her so you can be twins. She was that friend that wouldn’t post a busted photo of you to embarrass you all over social media. Jenn had long dark brown hair. I used to envy her her for her hair because mine was long and damaged from the countless hair dye. While hers was super healthy.

I could always count on her. When my car broke down numerous times, she would drop everything she did to help me out. She never left me hanging. We took trips together, from Los Angeles to New York. It was her first time in New York. During that time, I broke up with my ex and tried my best to enjoy my mini vacay as much as I could. I was literally crying eating my slice of New York pizza and she was quick to make me laugh. I’ll never forget our long walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I remember the day she called me. She was like “Crystal can we talk?” I was all, “Okay what’s up?” And that’s when she told me she was sick and had cancer. I almost dropped the phone but instead, I cried my ass off. My daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018 and now one of my best friends? Her younger brother Jeffrey was sick with cancer at the time too. And the fact that she was also taking care of him worried me. The thing was with Jenn, when it came to her brother, she dropped everything to help take care of him.

New York 2018

Our last lunch together, we sat and planned our next trip. We planned to go back to LA and New York even. Not once did I think that God was going to take her too soon.

Jenn passed away on my daughter Kaylee’s birthday. The cancer was too aggressive and I guess she couldn’t fight it anymore. Her brother Jeff, passed away on my son’s birthday a month prior. It’s been almost 8 months since she passed and I’m still hurting. Every time I drive, all I could think about is her next to me, dancing to a fire ass track and just talking about guys and the bullshit guys do. I was able to meet her family on the day of her funeral. They were so close knit it made me miss my family and want to hold the ones closer.

Deyzha’s Graduation June 2018

I still don’t understand why God took her too soon. But it looks like he had a bigger mission for her in heaven. I never knew how it felt to lose someone this close to me. Now I do. I can’t even imagine what people go through when they lose their parents or a loved one. Shit hurts. Honestly, I’d rather go through a breakup than lose another person again. I miss her every single day and I have to admit, I do have my little breakdowns here and there. I’m just grateful and thankful that God is healing me every day.

This is why I don’t entertain and trip off of bullshit anymore. I’ve had so much negative energy come my way, it’s crazy. Losing a person like Jenn was like losing a piece of me. She was like my sister. A few weeks ago, I lost my bunny Macchiato. And that one sent me in a downward spiral too. But I love my peace, I love my life and all the people in my life that genuinely care about me. You tend to see life differently when you focus on the ones that are really down for you and uplift you. I am so grateful that I have these people in my life to uplift me when I’m feeling really low. I don’t show it, but I do have my days.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Life is too short to waste your energy on anyone attempting to break your peace. I am at peace knowing that she’s in heaven hanging out with her brother and grandmother. Oh and Macchiato too.


If you’ve lost a best friend recently, close your eyes and think of all the memories you’ve had with person. Hold those memories in your heart and embrace it. Friends like that are rare nowadays. Although it may hurt, just know that they are with God watching over you. Remember that it’s totally okay to breakdown and cry sometimes. It’s completely normal. Talk to God and find your answers through him. He will guide you through your journey of healing. I seriously think they should have a “National Best Friend Day” or maybe they already do. Even if it doesn’t exist, I will forever celebrate her life and our friendship as if she’s still in my presence.

“Cryss, it’s not for you.”

Everything I do in my life has a meaning. Someone told me yesterday “Cryss, why are you doing DoorDash? It’s not for you, you already have a good job, another side hustle etc etc…”

There was a point in my life where I was struggling. This was when my oldest daughter, Deyzha was getting sick. I was taking her to all types of appointments and losing mad hours. When you lose hours and run out of paid vacation and sick time, it really takes a hit to your paycheck. On top of that, I wasn’t qualified for Paid Family Leave yet. Moving forward, one of my close friends, Jenn, I will talk more about Jenn later (Rest in Love 🙏🏽); she put me on Doordash. She was a “Dasher” at the time and to her it was a solution to help me earn some extra money. She went with me to the orientation in Concord, then took me on my first few deliveries because I was too shy and uncomfortable — embarrassed even. I never pictured myself delivering food. But at the end of the day, it taught me how to be humble. I remember going on my first delivery. I asked her to drive because I was nervous. It was a pizza delivery and we had to travel all the way to Lafayette, deep in the hills somewhere. I just remember the long boring drive. We were surrounded by trees and even lost cell phone signal in some areas. We ended up in this super rich neighborhood. The houses were like mansions. I didn’t even know that this neighborhood existed.

Anyway, because of Jenn, I was able to make some extra money to get by until things went back to normal. Taking on this side gig also taught me that I could make extra money ONLY if I got up everyday with that money making mentality. Laziness is not an option.

With that said, this is why I do it. I do it because it reminds me of her. After I lost Jenn, I made a promise to myself to embrace every minute I had with the people I care about. Even if it’s to deliver food in a remote place. Dashing reminds me of our long drive to Lafayette complaining and laughing about how deep the drive was to the customer. It reminds me of how much Jenn hustled when she was still here. So yes, DoorDash is for me. As a matter of fact, I’m going to work this Saturday evening just because I want to. I miss Jenn.

Earn $15-$24 an hour delivering food. The best part, customers have an option for you to hand them the food or leaving it at their door. It’s super easy. Tap on the link to deliver with DoorDash.

Apply here:

Shrimp and Cheesy Grits

Instead of going out to eat for lunch today, I decided to take a trip to Raley’s to buy groceries (Why is this store super expensive? You’re better off at Safeway or your nearest Super Walmart) I decided to make Southern Style Shrimp and Cheesy Grits. I’m a California girl but I love anything cooked the Southern way.

There are so many variations to this recipe, but I like my grits cheesy and creamy. If you’re like me, add an extra half cup of sharp cheddar cheese and 2 tablespoons of heavy cream to your grits. Some people even like their grits soupy. Not me. And if you’re allergic to shrimp, you can substitute the shrimp with strips of cooked seasoned chicken breast.

“I don’t even kill flies”

Just because my eyes are slanted and skin is a little darker doesn’t give you a reason to label me a disease

She grabbed her daughter, talking about “Get away from her she looks like she has Covid-19”

I wasn’t about to let that lady slide so I put down my phone and opened my big mouth

Told myself over and over, “Crystal breathe, please don’t shout”

And as soon as she noticed my phone out

Ol’ lady wanted to play the victim role as I predicted

Here we go with the “I didn’t say that” card, it was all too scripted

When I was just minding my business

Blind sided by another Karen infected by the illness

An illness more infectious than the Rona, SARS, Ebola two point O

A virus that destroys it’s target individuals including its host

A disease manifested in families, colleagues, and communities

So we protest in big groups to be heard – herd immunity

Got Elijah McClain in his last breathes apologizing for being different

George Stinney Jr. executed at 14 years old then later proven innocent

George Floyd screaming for his mother, while he was held down by a knee

Can somebody tell me WHY Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still out there living free?

And where is Vanessa Guillen, whatever happened to “No soldier left behind”

Would it have taken 2 days instead of 2 months if the color of her skin was white?

This isn’t a wake up call, they were just pressing the snooze button a million times

Would the outcome be different if I wasn’t standing in that aisle?

Cause in the end, the only person infected was the racism which had manifested

in that hate filled mother who just taught her child that it was okay to spread it

And what’s sad about it, is that she meant it when she said it

Racists thinking it’s a joke placing nooses in Oakland, Cali’s Lake Merritt

Racism and oppression has always been a pandemic, ain’t no curves getting flatter

But at the end of the day, all lives don’t matter, until Black Lives Matter.


Oscar Grant
Emmitt Til
George Floyd
Philando Castle
Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner

Bigger than Radio: CrysSOfficial’s Top 10 Tracks for June 2020

I spent my Friday night reviewing music from all digital platforms by some of the dopest upcoming artists from all around the US. To be honest, I love listening to the radio, but I always felt that we were exposed to a small dose of what’s really out there – it’s bigger than radio. And to be real REAL honest, I always felt that some of the best music created out there sounds just as good when everyone shows each other love, connects, and collaborates. “We Are The World” (released in 1985) written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian is a prime example.

Starting this month and going forward, I will be posting my Top 10 tracks to acknowledge some of the undiscovered talent out there. Whether they’ve been in the game for years or just started going to the studio last week. Whether if the track was released yesterday or 5 years ago. And if you find an artist on my list that you want to work with, try to make it happen! It’s all love at the end of the day. All artists/musicians should be recognized and I’m about to start the movement right now.


1. BACKSEAT – Primo Stacks, produced by Mike Rob Sears.

2. MY WORLD – Doomz Day


4. MY WAY – Stupid Bars

5. MORTICIAN FLOW – Fonz Figgaz

6. GLIMPSE – Lumikools

7. MY CIRCLE – Rod Roc, Joe Dukes, Johnny 5

8. SKYZONE – Kae-z

9. ALRIGHT – Miss Vicky

10. LIKE ME – RDG, Vedo, Zach Scotton

Q&A with SF Bay Area Hyphy Pop Artist @MissVickyMusic

Even in the most difficult times, along with many others that feel the same way, the music should never stop. During quarantine, many artists and DJs have shared their music through Instagram Live Feeds, posting footage from past shows/concerts, and Live Battles. My favorite battles on Instagram thus far was a tie between DJ Premier versus RZA and the Diaz Bros. Doo-Wop versus Tony Touch. It’s just amazing to see all these artists and DJs come together. Plus I’m a sucker for classics. However, I am also a sucker for the newschool and upcoming talent! I was very happy to do a virtual Q&A with solo artist Miss Vicky, during Shelter in Place due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Lets get to know Miss Vicky:

I first met Miss Vicky during one of her interviews with my friend Elijah, who is a host for The MUSIQ BOX Show, which is a dope Reggae Music radio station based out of San Francisco, CA. You gotta peep that station out. Out of my 15+ years working in the independent music industry, this was the first time that I’ve ever heard of “Hyphy Pop” – Hyphy music with a dose of Pop, which perfectly describes Miss Vicky’s energetic personality. Not to mention her stylish sense of fashion that screams, “Be different.”

hy·phy/ˈhīfē/Learn to pronouncenoun

a style of uptempo hip-hop music originating in northern California and associated with a frenetic style of dancing.

Solo Artist: Miss Vicky @gaugr_

Miss Vicky, San Francisco Bay Area Native, began her singing career when she was 7 years old singing at her church. She joined the choir at her Middle School and sang with them for 3 years. This was when Vicky realized that she wanted to pursue singing as a career. In the beginning of her music career, she has performed at various events such as, SXSW in Austin, Carnaval in San Francisco, Fog Fest in Pacifica, and different areas in San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Miss Vicky has featured in songs with known Bay Area artists such as Rappin’ 4-Tay, Mistah F.A.B., Roach Gigz (rapper/hyphy hip hop artist), HBK Skipper (a member from the Heartbreak Gang, a hip hop record production collective based out of Richmond, CA).

CRYS: What is your singing style and how would you compare yourself to other artists?

MV:  I’d probably say urban pop with a mix of hyphy and rnb lol if Dua Lipa was from the Bay Area that would be me.

CRYS: What kind of music inspires you? And who inspires you?

MV: I would have to say house/pop music. It’s such a vibe and always motivates me to create a new song — My kids, myself, Dua Lipa, Kehlani, The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Aluna George, Kelly Clarkson the list goes on lol but those would be my top list. 

CRYS: What challenges do you ever come across as an upcoming artist in the Bay Area? 

MV: The hardest challenge would have to be getting people to take the chance to listen to your music. Bay Area has always been known for Hip-hop and R&B and I just wanna show the world that we are universal! It’s all about the risk. 

CRYS: Are you managed by anyone?

MV: I’m managed by the CEO and COO of a music tech company called Gaugr. It’s an app that helps artist get real detailed feedback on their music from people in the music industry such as DJs, producers, A&Rs, managers, etc. I totally recommend the app download! 


CRYS: What else do you do on your spare time?

MV:  I’d probably be working a 9-5 job and getting my kinesiology degree. I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old so being a physical therapist was in my agenda if I didn’t perform professionally. 

CRYS: (I love asking this question!) What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

MV:  “Stand out and Be Different. But most of all, don’t lose sight of who you are”. 

CRYS: If you would work with any other artist, who would it be? 

MV: Omg Dua Lipa and Kehlani . No doubt!

CRYS: Anything you want your fans to look out for in the future? Any upcoming shows? 

MV: Definitely look out for new music, music videos, merchandise, shows (once things get normal)

CRYS: I know what you mean, I can’t wait until this is over! COVID GO AWAY!

Miss Vicky has an EP coming out this year so be on the look out for that. Her hottest single “WITH ME” featuring Mistah F.A.B. and newest single “Another One”, is currently available for download on all digital platforms.

You can follow Miss Vicky @missvickymusic on all social media platforms.

Announcing the upcoming launch of my designer shoe line —ADKreativ

On Friday, March 27, 2020, I will be launching my first Limited Edition “ADK” shoes from my upcoming All Day Kreative Shoe Collection.

The shoes that I will showcase in my upcoming collection were inspired by East and West coast flavors integrated into one.


The shoe is 100% handcrafted in Le Marche, Italy, also known as The Shoe Valley. The ADK’s features a classic high top look, pristine quality black leather, a gold sole and comfortable to wear, and eye catching. The insoles are carefully designed and made out of organic cotton and leather. It will also arrive in its own custom box. Shipping is free.

Excerpt from my bio on

As a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to take my crayons and draw sketches of different outfits on construction paper. Not sure why I didn’t pursue my dream at the time, I guess you can say, I grew up and lost sight of it. However, my inner love for fashion has never left me. Plus I’ve always been a sneaker junkie. I always tell people that I’ll be wearing sneakers until I’m 80 years old. Moving forward, I travel coast to coast. For me, New York breeds everything fashion. But so does California. My designs are a fusion of two styles into one — it’s like mixing peanut butter and jelly but I also love being experimental like adding cranberry juice to my ginger ale…” – All Day Kreative, Crystal Tolentino

#QuarantineLife — Earn Free Gift cards by doing little to nothing

Now that most of us are in the house on a mandated “Shelter at Home” order, we have a lot of time on our hands. For me, if I’m not cooking, I’m eating, if I’m not eating, I’m putting on my makeup just to hangout in my living room, if I’m not in my living room, I’m shooting hoops in my backyard with my son. If I’m not playing basketball, I’m laying in bed browsing on Amazon. While I’m doing that, why not earn free gift cards and save some money?

We all get a bit hesitant when it comes to earning free gift cards online. But after trying a few apps and websites that claim to reward you with free gift cards, I found two that are completely legit. I always shop on Amazon and I found those $1-$10 Amazon gift cards very useful.


For Apple and Android Users

I’ve been using Panel App for more than a year and I earned at least $100 worth of $1-$2 Amazon gift cards. All you do is download the app ➡️ PANEL APP

All you have to do is download the app, register, take surveys, earn points, then redeem your points for free gift cards or use it to enter sweepstakes for bigger prizes. Once you hit 2000 points, you can redeem it. I usually redeem my points for Amazon gift cards because like I said, I always shop on Amazon. You can also earn points faster if you refer a friend to download the app. The more you refer, the faster you gain points.

Once you redeem your points, you will receive your gift card sometime between 2-3 weeks.

Screenshot from my Amazon Account

MobileXpression – For iPhone or iPad users Only

Yes, this is legit. But spaces are limited. It usually opens up in the beginning of the month, but it’s worth a try. Mobile Xpression is a trusted Market Research Panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of mobile users. Some people are very hesitant when it comes to downloading unknown software onto their phones, but I’ve been using this for a year and haven’t had any issues or weird glitches on my phone. To redeem, you just need to earn a minimum of 30 points. The panel sends you an email once a week and you tap on the link they provide you to claim your credits. I just redeemed my points for a $5 Amazon Gift card and already earned 15 since then.



Pros: You earn gift cards faster, in as little as a week

Cons: Sometimes they forget to send you your gift card. But all you have to do is send them an email to let them know. Their response time is roughly 24-48 hours.

Well, I hope this information helps save you some money in the future. It has for me. A dollar or two can make a huge difference, especially when you’re struggling to make ends meet. Because for a single mom like me, every dollar OFF any price counts! Save some money, earn those points, but most importantly, please be safe out there!

Let’s try this again 2020

US vs Iran sparking speculations of World War 3.

The Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines.

We lost Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter, Gigi, and 7 others to a helicopter crash in Southern California.

The Coronavirus Pandemic.

NBA suspends their season until further notice. Big bummer for us basketball fans.

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage.

So yes, can we try this again 2020? The world definitely needs a do over.

Step into the Temple of Doom

“The Picasso of Words”, up and coming hip hop artist, DOOMZ DAY describes himself in our recent interview.

Doomz Day The Headless Horseman, is out to stimulate your brain cells. He released the controversial music video, “American Lie” in 2018 which exemplifies the unfairness and injustices of the system towards African-Americans. The video opens up with a slide show beginning with a photograph of 12 year old, Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed on November 22, 2014 by a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio. Afterwards is an image of 37 year-old Alton Sterling, who was also shot and killed by a police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The video presents previous footage related to police brutality and a variety of protests; subsequently ending with a powerful message, “Spread Love Not War.”

I remember when I heard Doomz Day’s music for the very first time close to two years ago. His voice reminded me of DMX with a dash of Method Man. As I turned up the volume on my JBL headphones, I was like, “YO, this guy is mad dope!” What struck me the most was the message in his lyrics — the ability to deliver a powerful statement in a song. His music is definitely not for the spineless yet it also gives you a deeper understanding of the issues concerning social and racial justice.

“Once I got my first Hip Hop Instrumental tape, it was a wrap” – Doomz Day

East Coast lyricist, songwriter, and promoter from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Stephen “Doomz Day” sure has his hands full. He first hit the studio with his family when he was about 15 years old. Stephen engaged himself in ciphers in New York and recorded his first track when he was 16 years old. His best known pieces are: “American Lie” feat. Deji, “House of Mirrors”, “The Lion & the Wolf” feat. Head Ice, “Rhyme Over Matter” feat. Dom Pachino which are all out on digital platforms. He also manages DDay 100 Entertainment.

Now let’s step into the Temple of Doom and get to know the Headless Horseman:

CRYS: How would you describe the music you typically create?

DD: My music is informative, makes people wanna research what I’m spitting about. Conscious and at the same time gutta, keeps it balanced.

CRYS: What artist would you compare yourself too?

DD: I wouldn’t compare myself to any musician or emcee, but rather like the Picasso of words. A little abstract and different when I paint with my rhymes, but makes sense when looked at in an angle and certain perspective.

CRYS: What makes your music different from other artists?

DD: Not trying to sound the same as a majority of these artists out, I have a different format of flow and versatility. I can do something for the streets, clubs, ladies, or drop knowledge, able to come at all angles.

CRYS: Where is the farthest venue that you’ve ever performed?

DD: I performed down in the M.I.A. at an official spot called Miami Live, dope artists and good vibes down there.

CRYS: If you could collaborate with any artists, who would it be?

DD: Definitely would have to do a joint with Red Man, Meth, Busta, Immortal Technique, Joyner Lucas, and J Cole. I came up to them, well most of them. They’re some great lyricists and would be marvel to put some epic jewels together.

CRYS: What was your favorite era in music and why?

DD: Each era has their classic songs but my favorite is the Golden Era 90’s. Everybody has their own distinguishable sound and style.

CRYS: If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

DD: The way these major labels rape the artist of their creativity. That’s the reason why these rappers feel they all have to sound the same in order to sell.

CRYS: What advice would you give to other upcoming hip hop artists?

DD: To perfect their craft, be original, and teach through their music because the seeds and world are listening.

Doomz Day is currently setting up a blueprint for an East Coast tour. His newest single, “Sanitarium” will be dropping soon. DDAY100 gear is also in development. His hard work ethic, music and creativity, on top of being a father, speaks volumes. His lyrics will have you deeply immersed in thought, you will find yourself uncontrollably addicted and caught up in his lyrical labyrinth filled with the untainted truth. Just remind yourself that you can always do your research on Google.

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Doomz Day!

Sneak peak of “Sanitarium”

Follow Doomz Day on Social Media:

Instagram: DoomzDay7

Don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button on YouTube: DoomzDay100

Juni B la pesadilla, emerging Spanish rapper from Brooklyn makes waves in the Latin Music Industry

New York is a breeding ground for fashion, endless murals, and musical influences such as the Notorious B.I.G., NAS, Mos Def, 50 Cent, Method Man, Big Pun, and Jay-Z. But that isn’t the only reason why I love to travel to the East so much. Not only is this California girl, raised out of the San Francisco Bay Area, addicted to the amazing graffiti art, bodegas, and Spanish food in Brooklyn, I find myself driven to find the dopest independent artists from the grounds of one of my favorite Burroughs.

Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn is the Marcy Houses “Marcy Projects” where rapper and entrepreneur, Jay-Z spent his early years, along with known rapper, Memphis Bleek, who released his debut album “Coming of Age” over 20 years ago. Furthermore, in the Marcy, the undeniable talent doesn’t just end there; while it continues to produce more up and coming musicians of all generations.

Photo: Crystal Tolentino

Born in Humacao, Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, now living in Brooklyn — Spanish Rapper and Founder of Latin Squad Music, JUNI B la pesadilla found his passion in music at the young age of 10, is determined to make big waves in the Latin music industry.

The fluidity in his flow, his versatile style, in addition to his chaotic vocalization, certainly sets a strong parameter to his content. JUNI B’s energy will, without a doubt, hit you with that high degree of musically inclined heat — track after track and music video after music video.

Chekea como me Rio

Inspired by known international artists such as Tempo, Mexicano, and Daddy Yankee, JUNI B took his extraordinary talent to another level by displaying his music on YouTube, Instagram, and on digital platforms — releasing the singles: “Bad Girl”, “Josiador” (My favorite), and “Trabaja & Moltea”.

“What makes me different from other artists? I write different…”

JUNI B la Pesadilla

Being that we live a 5 1/2 hour flight away from each other, along with a 3 hour time difference, I woke up early on a Saturday morning to initiate a short interview with JUNI B.

CRYS: How would you describe the type of music you create?

JB: Organic and strong

CRYS: What makes your music different from the others?

JB: I write different.

CRYS: Where was the farthest venue you’ve ever performed?

JB: In a small club in Queens. I was like the fill in tho.

CRYS: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

JB: If I can collabo, I would like to do a song with Mikey Wood.

CRYS: What was your favorite era in music?

JB: Jay-Z in 96 because he came from the bottom and now look, we from the same hood lol.

CRYS: What else do you do besides making music?

JB: I’m a father, was working two jobs, now I do one, just trying to make it for my kids so they can have a better life.

CRYS: If you can change anything in the music industry, what would it be?

JB: The jealousy, so everyone can eat together because in Union is where the power is.

CRYS: Can you tell me a little more about Latin Squad music?

JB: Well, LSM came from my partner Big G in Florida. We link up organically, started making music together, til this day we still working together putting that name up High Latin Squad Music.

CRYS: Do you have any shows coming up?

JB: No, looking forward

Although he doesn’t have any upcoming shows on schedule at the moment, he is currently working on releasing his debut album. In the meantime, you can download his singles on all digital platforms and watch his music videos on YouTube.

SUBSCRIBE to his channel here:

JUNI B la pesadilla

Broaden your mind to a whole new genre because JUNI B la pesadilla is DEFINITELY an artist you should watch out for in 2020! Period.

How to generate passive income

Sounds too good to be true, right? The reality is, nothing great comes easy.

First you have to remind yourself that money doesn’t just fall on your lap without doing any work. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and I can’t 100% guarantee that these sources will work for you, but I will share with you what has worked for me in the present and in the past. With that being said, not every strategy in this article will be a fit for every person.

When my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer for the 2nd time in 2018, I had to go on FMLA from my regular job and collect Paid Family Leave. If you’ve been on Paid Family leave in the state of California, we all know that CA barely pays you 75% of your regular salary. The pay cut took a huge hit to my finances which put me in a hole month after month. This was when I decided that I needed to figure out a way to build multiple streams of passive income so I wouldn’t have to worry about being broke in the future. The idea here is to build.

Think about animator and filmmaker, Walt Disney. He experienced many setbacks before he created Mickey Mouse but he never gave up. Even after he created Mickey Mouse in the late 1920s, he still experienced some challenges along the way yet he continued to think of new ideas that may or may not work in his favor. In 1937 Disney developed the full animation feature, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which became a huge success in the box office. The truth is, everybody will experience a few setbacks in their lives — from investors, small business owners, even street hustlers. But if you stay consistent, disciplined, and dedicated to your craft, you will succeed.

So how do you make money while you sleep? I can’t give out all of my secrets, DUH! But I have to admit, it took me a whole year to figure out the right strategic fit for me and I’m still a work in progress. But I can tell you 3 ways that has helped me get on the right path to financial freedom. I’m still walking that path, but hopefully you can join me and we can learn from each other.

  • Invest in Blue Chip dividend stocks. These stocks are usually strong performance stocks that do well during good and bad times. Think of companies like Coca-Cola (KO), Disney (DIS), and Apple Inc (AAPL). In 2018, at the highest, Apple Inc paid up to $3 per share to its shareholders and according to Yahoo Finance, they are currently paying their shareholders up to $0.77 per share in dividends. If you do the math, lets say that you own 50 shares in Apple stocks $0.77 x 50, you’ve made $38.50 in dividends. Based on my research, I’ve learned that some companies pay dividends every 3-4 months. So what do you do with the money? Well, my friend, the ball is in your court. Some people take the dividends and reinvest. Reinvesting is something I highly recommend. Anyway, I’ll post more about dividends later.
  • E-commerce and Dropshipping: This is HUGE right now. Imagine starting your own online store and selling products that you’re most passionate about or trending. The coolest thing about it, there are companies out there that will ship out the product for you. I have to admit, this will take some work, but it definitely doesn’t hurt spending an hour or two a day focusing on your online store. Shopify is a great way to start.
  • Affiliate marketing. There are companies that will pay you to promote their product. And if that product sells, they will pay you a small percentage from that sale. Sort of like a commission. Amazon has a great affiliate program.

Like I said, one way may be a good fit for you or none at all. These are just a few ways that has helped me generate passive income. It sounds like an easy thing to do just by reading this, but in all honesty, it takes some work. But I do guarantee that once you get into the habit of things and continue to educate yourself more, you will feel more comfortable and it will get easy.

Here’s a bonus, if you like shopping on Amazon, this app will give you free gift cards. I’ve been using this app for 3 years and what I usually do is, redeem my points, stack up on free Amazon gift cards, then use it whenever I want to buy something big on Amazon. A few dollars off does make a difference. I swear it’s not a scam, it’s completely legit, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it on my website.

It’s called Panel App and you can download it on your phone here: (Note: it is compatible for both Androids and iPhones)

“What got me doing music, my family” – West Coast Rap Artist on the Rise: STUPID BARS

I’ve been working in the Music Industry, mainly in the Promotions department since 2001 and came across so many local and some well known artists from different genres. I have an eclectic taste in music, but if you really know me, I grew up on Hip Hop and my playlist is flooded with music by local hip hop artists to mainstream. I used to be a lyricist back when I was 16 years old and I remember spending hours in the studio writing a verse on the back of a piece of scratch paper. After years of working in the independent music industry and being a musician myself, I’ve learned to appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and time that these upcoming artists put in.

With that said, I wanted to feature a new music artist at least once a month to show you there is so much talent in the world other than what we hear on the radio.

The first artist I wanted to feature is an upcoming rapper from Anaheim, California – STUPID BARS.

“Another One” from his latest album Sex, Love, & Heartbreak

Originally from Ashtabula, Ohio, now residing in Anaheim, California, Darice “Stupid Bars” Holley first started writing music in the 5th grade then started recording and performing at the age of 16.

“What got me doing music is my family”

This Southern California rap artist came from a family with a huge musical background. His mother is a singer, his uncle is also a singer/producer, he has another uncle who also raps, and on top of that, he has a cousin who produces and engineers. Now I see where he gets his talent from!

I was happy to get in contact with Darice through Social Media to do a quick Q&A. He talked about his admiration for artists such as, J Cole, Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, and Biggie.

CRYS: If you could open up a show for any artist who would it be?

SB: Opening up for any artist would be amazing but if I could choose who I opened up for, it would be J Cole, B.o.B, Cap 1, or Tech9

CRYS: Who would you most like to collaborate with on a track?

SB: If I could collab with any artist, it would be J Cole, NAS, or B.o.B

CRYS: Which famous musicians do you admire?

SB: I admire J Cole, NAS, DMX, Tech9, E-40, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Kevin Gates, Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, Biggie, Master P, and Jay-Z.

CRYS: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

SB: If I wasn’t doing music right now, I would be working a 9 to 5 in Aerospace and going to school to further my education.

(Aerospace? Impressive!)

CRYS: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

SB: The best advice that I’ve ever been given is don’t ever give up no matter how hard it gets. When you feel like you want to quit, push through, find the motivation, and keep going.

In 2019, Stupid Bars released “Sex, Love, & Heartbreak” featuring the single, Another One. You can download this track and many other songs on all music platforms.

Darice currently has a compilation in the works which will be dropping in late March 2020. He is also working on a solo project that will be released later this year. So make sure to keep your eyes and ears open everyone cause STUPID BARS is about to drop some heat! 🔥

Don’t forget to follow Stupid Bars on Social Media:

Instagram: @stupidbars

SoundCloud: Stupid Bars Official

YouTube: Stupid Bars Official

Newest Video: My Way

Day and Swing trading, Investing in the Long Term

Disclaimer: I’m still a rookie when it comes to the stock market and I’m just explaining to you what I’ve learned as a rookie investor. This post is mainly for informational purposes. 😃

Warren Buffett, one of the greatest money makers ever!

Even after three years, I still label myself a rookie when it comes to the stock market. I’ve tried day trading, swing trading, and of course, investing in stocks in the long term. Being a single mother of three, I realized that day trading alone wasn’t for me because you’re constantly looking at a computer screen or screens analyzing data – CONSTANTLY.

The New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 am EST which means that if you’re a trader from the west coast, you’ll be waking up extra early (I used to wake up at 4:00 am) to skim through your phone for any relevant news, look through all your charts, plan out your trades, or whatever strategy you had mapped out the night before . It’s a lot of work. I was on family medical leave at the time and spent almost seven days a week in a hospital chair analyzing and trading stocks. For those that who have no clue what a share is (I’m sure you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post), basically when you buy a share, you are buying a piece of the company. Which means, you are technically part owner of that major corporation. If that still doesn’t make sense, it’s totally okay. I used to be on the same boat.

There are many platforms where you can buy stocks. If you plan on investing a small amount of money, I recommend an app called Robinhood.

Moving forward, if you’re a newbie to the whole stock market world, here’s what I’ve learned about the differences between day trading, swing trading, and long term buying:

Day Trading:

Day traders normally capitalize on a small movement of a stock. They basically buy shares of a company and if that specific stock goes up, even if it’s for a few cents, they sell, and that’s how they make their profit. Most day traders buy and sell a stock within seconds or even minutes.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is a trading style where an investor purchases the stock, holds the stock for the short term, then sells the stock hoping to make a profit. A swing trader can hold a stock for a period of a few days or a week to a few months. Here’s an example: Let’s say “ABC Corporation” is coming out with a new product. This specific product is all over the media, consumers are anticipating the release of the product and people are talking about it all over social media. A swing trader will purchase a stock from this company during the hype and hope to catch a chunk of the price move once the product releases. Once the stock goes up, the swing trader sells then moves forward onto the next.

Long Term Buying

This is when you purchase stocks and hold it for the long term. And when I say “long term” I’m speaking several years because in my mind, I’m thinking about how the company will do in 3-5 years. Some investors will even hold a stock for up to 10 years. In my opinion, I think 10 years is too long. I mean, how can you think about the future of a company that far ahead? Generally speaking, if you plan on purchasing stocks in the long term, try diversifying your portfolio by purchasing a stock that pays dividends; I explain how dividends work later.

So there you go. If investing in stocks is something you’re interested in, this was just a sneak peak. It took me about a year to understand the lingo, learn how to read charts, and hours of reading. One thing I do want you to know is that you’re never obligated to hold onto a stock. You can sell your shares at anytime. But most importantly, always pay yourself first!


On the muni traveling on 17th

1 hour late to the hospital even though

I set my alarm at three

a.m, no work but I’m not on vacation

Sitting in the bus looking outside

Surrounded by gentrification

An old Filipino lady next to me asking if I knew her uncle

I said no relation

Almost missed my stop, can’t even remember how to use public transportation 🤦🏽‍♀️

No paper and pen cause of technology advances

Nowadays kids can’t tell the difference with what’s on a screen to how real life bypasses

Using this phone, constantly looking down, pushing up my glasses

Should’ve got lasik, but if the doctors mess up

No second chances

Like I told my baby daddy years ago

No second chances

Like I told my ex, who don’t even know what his future plans is

Like I’ll tell my next relationship, mess up

No second chances

Cause half of these men out here don’t even know what real romance is

My backpack is full, while they’re over here half assin,

Now I’m just ramblin

Just trying to get to the hospital before

my daughter’s bone marrow transplant and

She gets second chances

Scrolling through Facebook reading comments from strangers,

Posting up prayers more than the ones

Who claim to be my one dayers

Next thing you know I’ll see a subliminal

two minutes later

After speaking the truth, as usual

another undercover hater

2 buses and a crowded train ride

Going up the elevator, 2 hallways down

straight to the right,

Laying in her bed, with a heart bigger

than her height

Hey baby girl, I finally made it, now let’s wrap this shit up and win this fight.

I haven’t posted much about my previous travels, I will soon, I promise, but to catch you up on some things, my daughter is suffering from Germinoma, which is a form of Brain Cancer. The severity of the cancer has taken her mobility and most of cognitive function away. She is also suffering from dementia caused by the cancer. Because of this, my daughter is now in a wheelchair and needs assistance when getting from point A to B. Sometimes she’s coherent, but there are days where she mixes me up with her dad or grandma. Sometimes she thinks it’s still June when it’s December. It seems like she’s a totally different person now and I am still coming to terms that she’s not the same. She’s not the Deyzha I knew a year ago who would go running 2 miles with me at the Waterfront.

In August 2018, she underwent brain surgery then she was diagnosed with cancer the month after. We only had two options for treatment. I chose the 2nd option since more kids with Germinoma responded to this treatment as opposed to the first option. On the downside, this specific treatment required 3 cycles of chemotherapy, 9 days straight of 3 high dose chemo drugs, stem cell harvest and a bone marrow transplant.

This treatment also required me to become a nurse overnight. At home I had to flush her central line once a day, draw her blood, and give her injections in the evening. And I HATE NEEDLES. I literally had to suck it up in just a weeks worth of training. I was scared.

I literally had to push my work and social life to the side so I could put all of my focus on her. Honestly, I never had any time to grieve, up until now that it’s almost over and our family can focus on her recovery. But I gotta admit, I have an occasional breakdown where I become a big overdramatic crybaby. You can’t blame me though. I went through a LOT. Anyway, the MRI before her most recent MRI showed that the cancer was going away. So I’m hoping that result still stands.

This is definitely not a trip to New York but it has been a journey. Which is why I decided to share this huge piece of my life with you.


Music was her therapy, the lyrics were her recipe

as the disease took over her body and her family

she sang her heart out until she could beat the enemy

Who took her mobility and her ability to shoot a three

Her chances to go to a University and become a chef like she wanted to be

All disappeared after Oncology revealed the answer

“Your babygirl has cancer and we don’t know how long you’re going to have her”

Three cycles of chemo plus 9 more days of toxic drugs

A bone marrow transplant then remain in isolation for a few more months.

Separated by a glass window from her little brother

Holding back my tears, trying to be strong cause I’m her mother

Her baby sister having to step up and play the big sister role

While I remind myself every minute of the day, that God is in control.

She’s going to beat this, if I say it out loud, I will speak it into existence

Even when I can’t be at the hospital, I will speak on it from a distance.